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  • Age:29
  • Hair:Blonde
  • Eyes:Blue
  • Availability: Yes
  • Description:

    29 year old bored horny Essex girl wants sex.

    My dream fantasy is for You to come round to my house for my 1st sex with a stranger experience, you lick me out and then after I reciprocate fuck me.

    Maybe it'll just be a one-off, or maybe we can do it regular?

    Ideally You are a man who enjoys breasts & womens arses as much as I like having them worshiped, kissed and massaged.

    How's this for starters…..?

    I want you to be standing behind me, your arms around my waist, kissing the side of my neck, around my ear and ear lobes, your hands now slide under my top to caress the soft skin around my waist..

    As I start to relax You then pull my hair back so You can kiss the back of my neck, running your hands over my boobs gently brushing my nipples, cupping my breasts, squeezing and fondling while You continue kissing..

    We now decide to lose my top, pulling it up and off so that You can kiss further down my back, undoing my bra as You work your way down, letting it fall to the floor, You run your hands over my belly and gently grazing my nipples with your fingers nails, You give me slow, gentle kisses, all the way down my back to the base of my spine..

    Moving around my waist to my belly button, more soft kisses as You work your way up, eventually taking my sensitive left nipple in your mouth, whilst squeezing and fondling my other boob, gently licking, sucking, nibbling..

    Standing behind me again, your stuffy pressing against my bum cheeks, now You're kissing my neck and unbuttoning my jeans, I push them down to reveal my lacy knickers, I can hear you breaths becoming deeper..

    With your hands on my waist, You slide the palm of each hand inside my knickers and slowly tease them down so that You can now feel my soft arse, you grope and squeez it,  whilst You plant kisses on my neck and back..

    You move your hand around to the front, gently stroking up and down so You can feel my pussy, my wetness…. gradually You tease a finger inside, rolling it over my g-spot and lit.  I lean back against you getting more and more excited….

    If that sounds like something you'd like to get involved with, then text me soon.

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