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Nataya-Oriental-sex-contacts-Greater-Manchester Available

  • Age:27
  • Hair:Dark
  • Eyes:Dark
  • Availability: Yes
  • Description:



    Hi, We're a inter-racial married couple. My name is Nataya, I'm Japanese but have lived in the UK all my life, my husband is Robert, he's white, 31 & straight.

    We're looking for a clean discreet man who'd be interested in joining us for regular (but not too often) threesomes and maybe sometimes just the 2 of us having fun?

    I have a good figure, am genuinely really into having/enjoying sex a lot. I have a big fantasy of a total stranger taking ages licking me out...

    Kiss your way down my body and tease my thighs and bum cheeks for a while, this will start to turn me on,

    Before You take my underwear off, You would breathe hot air through it against my pussy, . Breathing softly but warmly for short bursts at a time, You would  alternate between doing this and kissing my stomach =) 

    As You begin to kiss and lick my pussy, You would work your way in slowly from the outside, Starting by licking the outer edges of my outer pussy-lips , then very slowly spread them, and lick and kiss the inner lips, and around the clit area, You would do this gently, this is just teasing, You would eventually be more intense and build up an orgasmic pressure, 

    You would hold off from licking my clit properly for as long as You can, I love the feeling of anticipation... When You do begin to lick it, You would do it softly, and focus on the top part of the clit.

    Now You lick it like an ice-cream cone, with a wide flat tongue. Up & down. Up & down. Then down & up. Down & up....

    Then I'd like you to lick my pussy in the shapes of letters of the alphabet as a way of doing lots of different strokes on my pussy and really turning me on as I won't know what sort of licking to expect next,  must tell you I'm getting really wet just writing this! 

    As I become even more aroused, You would gently suck my clit into your mouth and flick your tongue over it up and down for a minute then from side to side. then round in circles, this would combine pussy suction with a faster rhythm.. Think of it like you giving my clitoris a blow job.. 

    After You have sucked it, You would Stiffen your tongue and thrust it deep into my vaginal opening.. when your tongue is at the point of maximum penetration You'd move your head and neck back and forth so that your tongue is "fucking" my vaginal opening, this is perhaps the most exiting feeling a woman can have, I promise you! You could also do this whilst having one hand to play with my nipples and the other to rub my clit. 

    Next - You would place your lips over my clit..then JAM your tongue downward repeatedly striking my clit. The sliding sensations of your tongue battering my turned on clit will send me over the wall. Think of it like You're almost using your tongue as a jack-hammer to fuck the clit. 

    By now I would have had at least 3 orgasms I promise you....

     So if the idea of licking me out (& fucking etc) turns you on and you like my photo, do get in touch....

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