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  • Age:18
  • Hair:Blond
  • Eyes:Baby blue
  • Availability: Yes
  • Description:

    I am Mistress Maria.
    A part-time amateur eighteen year old sensual strict trainee-mistress , Dominatrix ,Caring Mistress, Dominant and I wants to show you that the world of BDSM ,pain and Domination can be a continuing exploration for the experienced, and need not be intimidating for the novice or interested observer.

    So whether you're new to being dominated or whether you've experienced it before - contact me, be very polite, grateful and ask nicely....

    I am a very pretty girl, blond with beautiful eyes, but since I was young, I've known that overall I am more of a dominatrix than a normal 'I want sex, I want to snog a boy' sort of a girl.

    I am not offering you sex, Not now, not ever. I will not 'snog' you. I will consider you as a submissive plaything though.

    I am interested in spanking a man, dominating a man, letting a man tongue clean my feet or other parts of my body (when appropriate).

    Your job is to AMUSE, ENTERTAIN and PLEASE Me as long I need you and I want you.

    Although I am young (18) I am a Elegant. Sophisticated. Dominatrix.

    I am your young beuatiful blond very demanding Mistress. Are you a rotten little fuck who needs to be reminded of your worthlessness?

    I will treat you accordingly. Tell the truth, are you a little sissy fuck whore, Answer Me? Or just a cuckold? You want Me. I know you do. And I want you...to grovel for Me and My long legs. I want you to beg, pray and ache for My Goddess body. I will decide what, if anything, happens and when. You will simply please Me by following Mistress directions. You just have to hope my directions match your desires or maybe not .

    Naughty men may be.... Chained to the sofa, Slapped across the face, Beaten with a whip, a stick, a cane, just DARE to contact me, let's forget about your real life , come and be dominated by me....

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