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  • Age:18
  • Hair:Blonde
  • Eyes:Blue
  • Availability: Yes
  • Description:

    Hull (Humberside) or anywhere within 30/50 miles

    I love the special games and secrets that a man and I can share. I currently spend my days  being a Nanny …and I have no one to play with. ...... I'm 18 years old and my sex drive is bigger than Simon Cowells wage packet :-)

    I'd like a man to lay me across his lap and start touching me down there…You would rub me until it tingles so bad I would wet myself a little … then you would tell me not to worry as you lick me clean…then the large finger on your hand would slide into that tiny little pussy of mine…then after a while you'll finger my arse which is even tighter...  An ex boyfriend of mine (he was much older than me & married, and we kept everyting a big secret, and used to go to a pub miles away from where either of us lived) used to stretch that hole so he could see everything coming… To be honest he  liked the b**** showers
    the best…
    I like bending over wearing a low cut top…with no bra so you can clearly see my perky boobs…and…you can see my nice shaved pussy when I bend over…no one will ever know…do you want my nice full lips to suck that cock dry? Do you wanna taste my pink cunt… Hows about getting your tongue up my tight bumhole?Text me directly. Do you like the idea of me dressed in my old uniform, maybe in the same white knee socks I wore years ago???

    I'll do anything you want me to sexually. I love everything and cum very easily. I want sex with an older man very very soon. I have sex sometimes with a turkish man who runs/owns the local fish and chip place. He gives me fish andchips, I give him sex on the floor. I want sex with someone new and you don't even have to buy me chips ;-)

    Role Play Is My Specialty: Daddy’s Girl, Babysitter, Sexy Student, Best
    Friend’s Daughter, Horny sportsgirl, Naughty girl, Sweet Girl Next
    Door, Girl Scout, Bratty Submissive Daddy’s Little Angel, Mummy’s Worst
    Nightmare. Watersports, B**** Showers, Medical, Anal, playing the Innocent Virgin, Gang Bangs (never been to one, but would go, especially if it was in London, Manchester or somewhere big and exciting).

    When i had my photos taken, I was so turned on, but the photographer was very professional & didn't make a move on me... Shame, i'd have let him do anything he wanted to. I'll let you do anything you want to to, ok? I swear I will. I'll be a really good girl for you.

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