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  • Age:31
  • Hair:Short, blonde
  • Eyes:Dark brown
  • Availability: Yes
  • Description:I'm looking for a man who is as fascinated with sex as I am. I love sex so much and enjoy trying new positions and having sex with total strangers. I no longer want to have 1-night stands or casual sex with men who pick me up at bars or clubs. I'm looking for one special man who I will be 100% faithful to (if you get me to fuck other men in front of you, I'll still regard that as me being faithful, as I'm only screwing someone else with your permission).

    I want a long-term relationship, possibly with an older man. I'm not after you for your money or anything, but I want a man who earns at least a medium income, you don't need to be rich or anything, just not permanently broke.

    I'm quite submissive by nature and want a man who'll take charge and really 100% be the 'Man' of our relationship; I've had enough of guys who're aged 25-35, but still act like a kid & play computer games all the time.

    I'll cameraphone photos of myself & am up for home videomaking too. Sexually I'm very open & enjoy everything.

    Oral? - Yes
    Vaginal? - Yes
    Anal? - Yes, I actually lost my anal virginity before I was my pussy one! Beat that!
    3sums? - If you want to.
    Bisexual? - If you want me to.
    Willing to dress up in bed? - Yes
    Gangbangs? - If you want me to
    Sexparties? - If you want me to
    Use sextoys? - Yes
    Cum in mouth? - Yes
    Cum over face? - Yes
    Cum over body? - Yes
    Cum up arse? - Yes
    Cum up pussy? - Yes
    Into pissing? - If you want to go over me, or me go over you - fine & dandy.
    Into text sex? - Yes
    Age range interested in? Any 30+, 40+ etc.

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