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  • Age:46
  • Hair:Blonde
  • Eyes:Blue/Green
  • Availability: Yes
  • Description:

    Hey there,I am a friendly,loving,honest,person.I was married 10 years husband walked out recently.

    I am not looking for a husband,nor a soulmate.I am looking for a special friend,A really special guy to have fun with.I am lonely but not desperate! I love sharing fantasies and role playing.

    To be honest I'm a bit overweight and in early middle age, but if you truly love pleasing a woman who loves sex, and sharing fantasies then keep reading..

    I have a fantasy that I'm not sure can be fulfilled. It sounds rather selfish and I'm not sure a man can do this and not expect anything much in return.

    This is my fantasy........... I want a guy who can wait me in a hotel/or my home/his home.......

    close the door and after we've nodded at eachother to say 'Lets Go', the man immiediately pin me up against the wall.. i want you to kiss me neck,my lips..tease me with your hands...then push me on the bed... i want you to strip for me,all the way down to your boxers,then take my clothes off.. at least my top and skirt......

    I then want you on your knees eating me,eating my pussy as bad as you want to fuck me,using your fingers...really wanting to please me and hear me moan... I want your tongue deep deep deep inside me, maybe you'll even have a 'taste' or 2, of my bottom hole?

    Believe me, you'll know when I'm satiated. Then you can enjoy yourself and cum any way, any place you want. That's it.

    I want you to fulfill my fantasy and let's have XXX Just sexy easy fun & plenty of me being eaten out. Your head needs to be between my legs A LOT! Can you do it? Once a week? Once a month, more often? Less often? Let me know....

    Your age/looks are unimportant. You should be strong, discreet, and up for the same fantasy...Text me soon PLEASE! xxxx kisses, I like to cuddle too!

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