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  • Age:28
  • Hair:Blonde
  • Eyes:n/a
  • Availability: Yes
  • Description:

    I am a seductive vixen.
    I am a loving earth mother.
    I am a powerful priestess.
    I am a bright young lady.
    I am a warrior.
    I am an artist.
    I am a fantasy made flesh.

    For me, this is not a job that I do. I am not a professional dom. I have never been paid for spanking a man’s bum, that much i can tell you. No way. This is my passion. It is my lifestyle. My sacrifice.

    I tend to be a nurturing dominant with a soft, purring voice. I see the bond of trust between dominant and submissive as a sacred thing. I cherish the gift of submission that is offered to me, and I believe it is my duty to never violate the trust that is given. I feel that surrender is an act of great strength, and I take great delight in seeing what a man or woman can endure. I love the feel of a living being trembling under my hands, warm and vulnerable flesh shivering at my touch.

    I love predicament bondage. I love to see you straining against the ropes I have placed on you, struggling to hold your position, for if you do not the consequences will be your own doing. I love the jingle of metal rings, the creak of leather, a bound and helpless body.

    I also enjoy a touch of trance induction. Close your eyes and surrender your subconscious to me. Let me enfold you with my voice and take you on a journey. Sensual sensation play is an art form for me. Feel the caress of feather and fur, the sharp nip of teeth, the play of fingernails over your skin.

    Do you desire the kiss of the flogger? The pounding thud of the paddle? The sharp sting of the cane? I throw the whole of my being into the dance of pain. Your writhing moans feed my burning desire to drink in your pain. I love a responsive submissive. Show me your passion. Know that I share it. Know that I delight in the sensations we create between us. I can be vicious. I take fierce joy in the welts I raise upon your flesh.

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