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  • Age:43
  • Hair:Brown, with blonde highlights
  • Eyes:Blue
  • Availability: Yes
  • Description:Sex-addict needs a new man or men to turn me on & be xxx rude with. I'm up for almost anything, the kinkier/more daring the better. Quite frankly, when I'm turned on, I can't think of anything (& I do mean anything) I wouldn't fina a turn on.

    One of my best experiences ever was with a bloke who died sadly 2 years ago, I used to work for him, he was my supervisor. Once a week, instead of visiting a prostitute/massage parlour, he used to fuck me in the toilets at work. He never paid me, it wasn't about money or anything, he just wanted sex & access to my pussy saved him £30 a week or so. It really turned me on being used like a dirty tart.

    That was a while back & sadly he died from a horrible disease (not sex related, I may add!!!).

    Anyhow, I've had many sex partners, but that's the sort of sex I like. I don't 'Make love'. I FUCK. I fuck & I enjoy it, and I try to make sure in any way possible, that the fella I'm with enjoys it as much as possible to.

    I'd love to be fucked by a couple of randy 18year old lads or 20-22 year olds. I also get off on the idea of milking off (masturbating) a roomful of men, two by two, until they're all spent all their milky deposits are over me & in my mouth. Text me and let's discuss our fantasies.Tell me what yr into & let's see how it goes.

    Oral? - Yes
    Vaginal? - Yes
    Anal? - Yes
    3sums? - Yes
    Bisexual? - Yes
    Willing to dress up in bed? - Yes
    Gangbangs? - Yes
    Sexparties? - Never been to one, but would - probably.
    Use sextoys? - Yes
    Cum in mouth? - Yes
    Cum over face? - Yes
    Cum over body? - Yes
    Cum up arse? - No - total waste of good spunk.
    Cum up pussy? - No - a waste of spunk, I need to see it & taste it.
    Into pissing? - If U R, I don't mind wee'ing
    Into text sex? - Yes
    Age range interested in? 18+-60+

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