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  • Age:38
  • Hair:Short , blond
  • Eyes:Hazel
  • Availability: Yes
  • Description:You have needs, desires, limits that are begging to be explored and expanded.

    You need a woman who is strong, yet compassionate, and sophisticated.

    A woman who challenges you physically and intellectually.

    A woman who embraces you for who you are.

    Who puts you at ease, makes you laugh, touches your heart.

    A woman who'll go to bed with you, and takes you places you want to go to, and even to places you didn't even know you wanted to go, using a repertoire of sexy skills that range from subtle to severe.

    I will give you everything and let you get away with nothing.

    I am devoted to good friendship and good sex. I am scrupulously clean, very health conscious and have only been doing this sort of thing for a few months, and I must admit I love the sexual freedom it's giving me. I've had more sex pleasure in the last few months than I have done for years, probably for the whole of my life. I'm growing almost addicted to orgasms, and to the flutter in my heart when the doorbell rings & my man is at the door.

    You need to give me a good hard fucking. Take me to dinner, take me out for a drink, or let's just stay home & fuck eachother into oblivion. I've acquired quite a few new sex skills, let me show them to you. Once again, I'll say it - You Need To Give Me A Good Hard Fucking.

    Oral? - Yes
    Vaginal? - Yes
    Anal? - Yes
    3sums? - Only done it twice so far, but I must admit already I love 3sums
    Bisexual? - Bi-curious, want to lick another woman out as soon as I can
    Willing to dress up in bed? - Yes
    Gangbangs? - Yes
    Sexparties? - Haven't been to one yet, but it's something I want to experience
    Use sextoys? - Yes
    Cum in mouth? - Yes
    Cum over face? - Yes
    Cum over body? - Yes
    Cum up arse? - Yes
    Cum up pussy? - Yes
    Into pissing? - Yes
    Into text sex? - Yes
    Age range interested in? Any

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