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  • Age:44
  • Hair:Dark
  • Eyes:Dark
  • Availability: Yes
  • Description:

    A Stunning Beauty coupled with an innate wisdom in the sensual art of BDSM. With her slender frame, short dark hair and beautiful eyes, When I take on my Mistress personality, I try & consider myself as a Princess truly of royal blood. My sweet facade has led many a man down a path of destruction.

    I will lull you into a state of obedience with my casual behaviour, girlish laughter and seemingly innocent smile. But please, don't get too comfortable. At any given moment I've been known to be taken over by a fit of unthinkable cruelty. And I pride myself on my ability to manipulate even the cleverist of slaves.

    I'm a highly skilled seductress and will soon have you eating out of the palm of my lovely hand. A typical Gemini, I love basking in your praise and admiration. Among my many tantalizing features are my sexy soft and delicate feet. They are extremely sensitive and on some occasions a well trained foot slave has been known to hear me purr like a kitten.

    I possess an impressive collection of footwear and am not afraid to use the heel of her stiletto to keep naughty boys(or sissy girls) in line!

    I also have an extensive fetish and costume wardrobe and delight in dressing up for my adoring submissive. While I love latex and pvc, I'm equally fond of softer textures such as lace, satin, and silk. And thoroughly enjoy sharing my fashion expertise with those lucky enough to seek my training in sissification and feminization.

    Crossdressers will writhe in delight as I teach you how to be lady like or brings to the surface your inner slut.

    The experienced pain slut would appreciate my skill in electrical play and the suprisingly strong stroke of her cane or thrash of my whip. But if you are a novice or just a little wimp you need not fear too much.

    Though I love pushing boundaries, I am Mistress Hazel and I will always respect hard limits. I may tenderly command you to do my bidding or I just might force you blindly and unabashedly into submission. Let's put it this way.... This temptress will read you like a book and will always keep you guessing!

    The experienced pain slut will appreciate my skill in electric play and the suprisingly strong stroke of my cane or thrash of my whip.

    Contact me if you do not wish to visit a professional (£100+ an hour paid Mistress) & want femdom fun with someone more genuine.

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