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Q- My texts aren’t going through – what should I do?
You are aged 18+ aren’t you? That’s ok then! Here’s your straightforward step-by-step guide to get your phone working on our service. It’s simple. It’ll take you a few minutes and it’s as easy as one, two, three.

Q- Please tell me what do you do with my details once I’ve sent them into you, that’s the 1st question?
No need to worry, your details are held very securely in our systems. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. We NEVER divulge your personal details to 3rd parties nor do we re-sell or share your data.

Q- So all right already, why can’t I text the girls or women or couples directly? Give me the no spin answer.
For security and safety and to make it easy for you, all messages go through our messaging system. The vast majority of people wouldn’t want to give out their home or mobile telephone numbers to all & sundry. That’s fair enough, isn’t it? You’re in for a treat. Live it up! Indulge yourself!

Q- OK – so is this an automated service?!
NO! Definitely not! Unlike some other services you may see advertised, we can guarantee that all your replies will come from REAL women – ask them anything you like, plus nearly all the women (currently 98 per cent) have photos they can send to your phone.

Q How is payment made for the text messages I sent?
No need for lots of schpeel, it’s simple – We just bill you via your mobile bill, which means you don’t need to worry about giving any credit card or bank details to us. Your complete satisfaction is very very important.

Q- Which networks do you support?
Zeeskyte, we’re proud to say we can support every UK network including – 02, Vodaphone, Tmobile, M+S, Fresh, 3G, Orange & Virgin.

Q Are some or all of the women advertising on your service prostitutes or escorts?
NO. NO. NO. NO.NO. We do not allow prostitutes, escorts, massage parlours, hookers or anyone involved in the ‘Pay for sex’ trade to place adverts with us. Each & every individual is looking for good clean dirty sexy fun. No Fees Either Way, in other words – You’ll definitely not be paying her & she’s not going to be paying you (that’d be good though, eh!! Sounds good to me!!!).

Q- I’m a woman – how can I take part? Or we’re a couple – how can we take part?
Check out the Women – Join In page. All the information you need is there. It costs you absolutely nothing to advertise & we can even provide a photographer to take good pictures of you, so you’ll look your best. If you love sex and enjoy hearing from new people, you’ve definitely cum (& I do mean cum & I spell cum c-u-m) to the right place. As well as text messages we run traditional print media contact services and it may probably very well be your advert may be more suitable for publication in one of our magazines, not in an advert or on the text website. We'll decide on that one later ok. As you know we do not accept adverts from single men, only from women who’re looking for men, girls who’re looking for men & couples who’re looking to hear from another man or a couple.


Q- How do I stop using the service and stop the text messages coming? I’ve had enough already, I can’t handle any more women in my life. My poor cock is running out of spunk!!!
Don’t worry, to stop using the service couldn’t be easier. Just send the message ‘STOP’ to 69920. You will receive a confirm “stop” message. The stop command can take a little time as the woman may be texting you/sending you a photo as the stop command comes in. We do our best to make sure the stop command is instant. This service is provided by
UKquickies UK,
Rm 423,
20 Winch St,
GL52 2LY .

Good luck with contacting new fuck-buddies & thanks for making us the uk’s top contact service.
Established back in 1979, we give You what you want. We give you what you need. An easy discreet way to contact new ‘currently available’ women who love sex as much as you do.